Get to Know Karen Bartleson, 2016 President-Elect Candidate


Tell us about yourself in 160 words or less.

Why do you want to be IEEE president?

Why should members vote for you?

In what emerging area of technology do you feel IEEE should devote more time and resources to, and why?

If you were speaking to a classroom of preuniversity students, what would you tell them about IEEE?

What is one thing that might surprise people about you?

Many IEEE members rely on the organization for career guidance and job opportunities. If elected president, how will you help them in this area?

If elected, what do you hope to be remembered for after completing your term?

Tim Berners-Lee & Karen Bartleson on Open Standards: SXSW Forbes Exclusive

The founder of the World Wide Web — not the internet… — and Karen Bartleson, President of the IEEE-SA, talk to Forbes’ JJ Colao on the importance of open standards and the future of the internet.

A Conversation on Ethernet: Bob Metcalfe and Karen Bartleson

It’s hard to believe that 2013 marks 40 years of Ethernet innovation. In celebration of this milestone, IEEE Standards Association President, Karen Bartleson, sat down with Ethernet inventor Bob Metcalfe to talk about how Ethernet came to be, important milestone, and what the future might hold for this life-changing technology.

Karen Bartleson on Global Standards Education

IEEE-SA President Karen Bartleson talks about Global collaboration and Standards Education in this video series.

Synopsys’ Karen Bartleson-IIRW Essential Element #9 Networking & Collaboration

Karen Bartleson, Synopsys’ Sr. Director, Community Marketing embodies Networking & Collaboration–Essential Element #9 in Dee McCrorey’s timely book Innovation in a Reinvented World: 10 Essential Elements to Succeed in the New World of Business. Book Author: The Ten Commandments for Effective Standards” (2010) and IEEE Standards Association President (2012) is the first woman in 100 years to hold this position. Karen will have ample opportunities to leverage her Networking & Collaboration expertise.

The Value of Social Media in Business. Talk by Karen Bartleson, Synopsys

American University of Armenia’s College of Science and Engineering Seminar Series

Conversation Central

Conversation Central is where technology and business experts in the electronics industry come to talk. Hear insights straight from the experts and tap into the current challenges and relevant trends they have encountered and foresee.

Karen Bartleson of “The Standards Game”

Second in our meet the bloggers video series is Karen Bartleson, author of “The Standards Game” Karen shares with us how she got started blogging, how she would like to hear more from her audience more as well as a few of her personal

Discover the World of Chips and Electronic Design

An introductory series about chip manufacturing and design for a non-technical audience.

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