The Road to Intelligent Vehicles is Paved with Standards

Imagine sitting comfortably in your car. It adjusts your seat perfectly and plays your favorite music. Then, it starts its engine, swiftly enters the flow of traffic, and takes you to your destination in style. Your car is highly intelligent, knowing the fastest route—or the most scenic, if you prefer. It knows exactly where it is, within a centimeter…


EEWeb Featured Engineer

How did you get into electronics/engineering and when did you start?
Growing up, I didn’t even know what engineering was. I loved math and science, and I liked playing with dinosaurs and cars instead of Barbies. I guess I was just kind of weird.


Helping ‘smart’ devices talk to each other

A house that tracks your every movement through your car and automatically heats up before you get home. A toaster that talks to your refrigerator and announces when breakfast is ready through your TV. A toothbrush that tattles on kids by sending a text message to their parents…



SOI helps create faster chips that consume less power. Speed and area used to be the primary factors considered by chip designers. Performance requirements were established, and the power consumption required to achieve them was just another detail. In recent years, chip designers hit a wall. And sustainability moved to the forefront of industry …


Developing global health technology standards: what can other industries teach us?

There is a lack of effective and affordable technologies to address health needs in the developing world. One way to address problems of innovation and affordability is to design global health technologies to follow agreed-upon standards. This Debate article argues that we can better develop standards for global health technologies if we learn lessons from other industries…


Basics of the IEEE Standardization process

To produce standards of high quality and integrity, a standards organization must have a repeatable, documented, proven process. The IEEE Standards Association is a fine example of possessing such a process. At first glance, the IEEE-SA method may seem complex and overwhelming. Yet it can be summarized in a straightforward step-by-step manner…


Semiconductor IP Standards: More Important Than You Think

Standards are abundant in today’s world, and they are quite diverse. There are standards for health and safety, standards for measurement and even standards for human behavior. The type of standard that is most apparent in the semiconductor industry is the technical standard. A technical standard is defined in Wikipedia as “an established norm or requirement about technical systems. It is usally a formally document that establishes uniform engineering or technical criteria methods…


How Does The Internet Work? Very Well, Thanks To Standards

Within the EDA and semiconductor industries, we regularly talk about the importance of technical standards and how they help make our designs successful in silicon. It’s interesting to look outside our neighborhood on occasion to see what others are doing as well. One of the more dramatic examples of technical standards at work is the Internet, which is truly amazing…



Tim Berners-Lee & Karen Bartleson on Open Standards: SXSW Forbes Exclusive

The founder of the World Wide Web — not the internet… — and Karen Bartleson, President of the IEEE-SA, talk to Forbes’ JJ Colao on the importance of open standards and the future of the internet.

A Conversation on Ethernet: Bob Metcalfe and Karen Bartleson

It’s hard to believe that 2013 marks 40 years of Ethernet innovation. In celebration of this milestone, IEEE Standards Association President, Karen Bartleson, sat down with Ethernet inventor Bob Metcalfe to talk about how Ethernet came to be, important milestone, and what the future might hold for this life-changing technology.

Karen Bartleson on Global Standards Education

IEEE-SA President Karen Bartleson talks about Global collaboration and Standards Education in this video series.

Synopsys’ Karen Bartleson-IIRW Essential Element #9 Networking & Collaboration

Karen Bartleson, Synopsys’ Sr. Director, Community Marketing embodies Networking & Collaboration–Essential Element #9 in Dee McCrorey’s timely book Innovation in a Reinvented World: 10 Essential Elements to Succeed in the New World of Business. Book Author: The Ten Commandments for Effective Standards” (2010) and IEEE Standards Association President (2012) is the first woman in 100 years to hold this position. Karen will have ample opportunities to leverage her Networking & Collaboration expertise.

The Value of Social Media in Business. Talk by Karen Bartleson, Synopsys

American University of Armenia’s College of Science and Engineering Seminar Series

Conversation Central

Conversation Central is where technology and business experts in the electronics industry come to talk. Hear insights straight from the experts and tap into the current challenges and relevant trends they have encountered and foresee.

Karen Bartleson of “The Standards Game”

Second in our meet the bloggers video series is Karen Bartleson, author of “The Standards Game” Karen shares with us how she got started blogging, how she would like to hear more from her audience more as well as a few of her personal

Discover the World of Chips and Electronic Design

An introductory series about chip manufacturing and design for a non-technical audience.


The Ten Commandments for Effective Standards: Practical Insights for Creating Technical Standards

Technical standards play an important role in business as well as everyday life. They provide opportunities for market growth and competition. They enable interoperability. They make customers happier. They bring order out of chaos. Existing technical standards are being updated constantly, and new ones are being produced in increasingly greater numbers. But do you know what it takes to create an “effective” standard?



The Standards Game

Technical standards are so important, yet many people don’t know a lot about them. In this blog, I’ll tell you all kinds of things about standards – how they’re created, which ones are hot, what the trends are, and stories from behind the scenes.


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