The five most significant, recent contributions I have made to the IEEE are within: the IEEE Internet Initiative; the role of IEEE in global public policy; the IEEE Standards Association’s new strategic plan; IEEE’s membership in the Global Standards Collaboration; and the “OpenStand” paradigm for global, market-driven standards.

  1. In 2014, the IEEE Board of Directors approved a new initiative for Internet Governance with the goal of restoring trust in the Internet in light of today’s adverse conditions of spying, hacking, phishing, identity theft, mass surveillance, and the threat of Internet balkanization. Emerging technologies such as Smart Grid, Connected Vehicles, Smart Cities, Intelligent Homes, and the Internet of Things all rely on an open and globally coherent Internet. I was the chair of the volunteer steering committee for the IEEE Internet Initiative and drove the development of its mission, vision, and strategic plan.
  2. Also in 2014, I was a member of the IEEE Strategic Planning Committee which is creating a contemporary strategic plan for the IEEE. I was the leader of the subteam that investigated the role that IEEE can play in global public policy. We developed the goal that IEEE is actively sought by policy makers around the world as a trusted source of unbiased information and balanced, knowledgeable opinions to make an impact on advancing technology for humanity and our profession.
  3. Under my leadership, the IEEE Standards Association created a new 5-year strategic plan. The work was completed in less than 6 months, following a highly-effective and inclusive process which demonstrated strong collaboration between volunteers and staff. The plan was approved unanimously by the IEEE-SA Board of Governors in May 2014.
  4. For several years, the IEEE-SA had attempted to obtain full membership status for IEEE in the Global Standards Collaboration (GSC). The IEEE had been viewed as a U.S. entity only, not a global standards-development organization. The last formal rejection of IEEE by the GSC was received in 2009. Under my administration as President of the IEEE-SA, the IEEE was finally invited to join the GSC as a full member in 2014.
  5. In 2012, the IEEE-SA, along with four organizations that provide standards that make the Internet work freely and openly, announced the “OpenStand” initiative for global, market-driven standards. The principles of OpenStand are: cooperation, adherence to fundamentals (due process, broad consensus, transparency, balance, openness), collective empowerment, availability, and voluntary adoption. I helped drive the initiative, and I speak on this and other standards-related topics at institutions and events around the world.


I joined the IEEE as a student member in 1978. Over the years, I’ve been a strong advocate for the IEEE and have been involved in countless activities of the IEEE. I’m a member of the Computer Society, Women in Engineering, the Standards Association, and the Internet of Things Community. I’ve also been a member of the Communications Society and the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.

I have held many positions within the IEEE, including:

  • Member, Global Public Policy Committee 2015
  • Member, Public Visibility Committee 2015
  • Past President, IEEE Standards Association 2015
  • Chair, IEEE Internet Initiative 2014
  • Member, IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Strategy 2014
  • Member, IEEE Open Access Summit 2014
  • Member, IEEE-SA Ad Hoc Council 2013-2015
  • Member, EAB-SA IEEE Standards Education Committee 2013-2014, 2007
  • President, IEEE Standards Association 2013-2014
  • Member, IEEE Board of Directors 2013-2014
  • Member, IEEE-SA Strategy Planning Group 2013-2014
  • Chair, IEEE-SA Board of Governors 2013-2014
  • Member, IEEE Ad Hoc on Branding 2013-2014
  • Member, IEEE Foundation Signature Program Review Committee 2013-2014
  • Member, IEEE-SA Finance Committee 2013-2014
  • Chair, IEEE-SA Appeals Committee 2013-2014
  • Liaison, IEEE-SA to IEEE Women in Engineering 2012-2015
  • President-elect, IEEE Standards Association 2012
  • Member, IEEE-SA Board of Governors 2011-2015
  • Director-elect IEEE Board of Directors 2011-2012
  • Member, IEEE Publication Services and Products Board 2011-2012
  • Member, TAB/PSPB Products & Services Committee 2011-2012
  • Member, IEEE-SA Nominations & Appointments Committee 2011
  • Member, Charles Proteus Steinmetz Award Committee 2010-2012
  • Vice Chair, Computer Society Design Automation Standards Committee 2010-2011
  • Member, IEEE-SA Awards and Recognition Committee 2010
  • Member, IEEE-SA Audit Committee 2010
  • Member, IEEE-SA Standards Board 2009-2010
  • Member, IEEE-SA Procedures Committee 2009-2010
  • Member, IEEE-SA Corporate Advisory Group 2008-2011
  • Member, IEEE-SA New Standards Committee 2008-2009
  • Treasurer, Computer Society Design Automation Standards Committee 2007-2009
  • Computer Society Design Automation Standards Committee 1995-2015
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